Belize has an outstanding array of activities to offer visitors wishing to explore this treasure of a country to its full. Whether you prefer history, nature or sports there is really something to offer everyone. And why not try and taste a bit of each?

Colourful Jungle and Marine Experience


Explore the treasures of Belize has to offer in the way you enjoy.

There are a lots of companies that offer full package tours and day trips that can ensure that you get the most out of your visit to Belize.

  • Archaeology Ruins & Temples
There is a large selection of ancient Maya ruins and temples to visit. Some are located next to the Mexican border such as sites at Caracol and others near the Guatemalean border such as Lamanai. This ruins are often found following mud tracks and hidden in forest areas with just a few isolate villages nearby. Their contain a wealth of history and provide a very interesting trip.
  • Cave Exploration
Cave sites where you can find a delight of natural beauty are found in Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave and Blue Creek. These sites are found in the [ ] of Belize. Visits to these caves will reveal a wonder of stalactite and stalagmites and underground sites where waterfalls are hidden to the travellers.
  • Birdwatching
Belize is the proud host of hundreds of species of birds. Being in the middle of the migration routes the colourful display of paraquets, parrots and toucans are a delight to see. The Hummingbird Highway covered in citrus fruit tree valleys provides a very good place for these birds to choose. The roads covering this area of Belize are well look after but do not have much traffic which makes bird watching even more successful.
  • Scuba Diving
Caye Caulker and San Pedro are on of the hotspots for any scuba diving or snorkelling trips. Being surrounded by a barrier reef and even from the beach you can see sting rays, dolphins, and whilst snorkelling witness the beauties of turtles, barracuda and other carribean wildlife and fish.
  • Fishing
Belize and its islands are renowned for their fishing opportunites. With barracudas and other sought after catches it is easy to find a fishing boat trip or for the inexperienced try your hand hand at a red snapper of the pier!
  • Kayaking
Kayaking allows you to feel the slow rhythm of the Carribean and to find exciting natural discoveries such as jungle wildlife, waterfalls, caves as wells as birds and sea life. The locals are friendly and you can visit villages and eat some local produce.
  • Sailing
Choose to take your own boat out or ask for a charter boat. This coral reef gives an exciting experience to any sailor and provides an ideal base for fishing or scuba diving.